52 Great Cheap Dates

Tonight is date night for Team Beasley. I spent an hour getting ready for it this afternoon. I’m pretty sure I haven’t spent an hour getting ready for anything since my wedding day. I decided to give my Chuck Taylors the night off and get all dressed up… I’m talkin’ perfume, heels, cleavage, the works. I even put product in my hair…. I know, right?! I’m a wild woman. I came across an old stocking stuffer in my junk drawer called 52 Cheap Dates by Lynn Gordon. It is a deck of illustrated cards with off the wall (and some clothing optional) date night ideas. I’ve decided that for the next 52 Fridays, I will feature a Great Cheap Date with a personal testimony of our dating adventure. I may skip the personal testimonies of the “clothing optional” dates since my mother is reading this.

Cheap Date #1– Eve of Art

“Dressed in your favorite gallery-going garb, attend an opening (call your local galleries to find out about the next one) or meet at the museum of art on the night it stays open late. After partaking in such highbrow culture, work your way back down the cultural food chain by heading to your favorite ice cream parlor to split one of those sculptural ice cream creations you would never dare order alone.”

Love it! Heels and hair product are a must!

Feel free to try out these ideas and comment with your (“non-clothing optional) stories here.


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