Great Cheap Date Challenge #2

After this morning’s little “episode” I’m totally paranoid. I’m sitting on my couch and every little fuzz feels like somethings crawling on me…… see me shudder….

Well, it is Friday, and time to announce the Great Cheap Date Challenge for Team Beasley.

Great Cheap Date Challenge #2:

“With a flashlight, blanket, and favorite fairy tale book in tow, find the most magical of forests or wooded areas in which to stage your nighttime story hour. And if you think fairy tales are for sissies, bring some Sherlock Holmes stories or, better yet, H.G. Wells instead. Don’t forget the thermos of hot chocolate and the box of animal crackers.”

Hmmm…. fairy tales? I would have to be realist. I knew this challenge was going to stretch me.

OK…. a little help wouldn’t hurt. Please comment with some story suggestions and, if you’re from the Charlotte area, some “magical forests” ideas. We live in the city for crying out loud. Is it totally cheating if we power up the macbook and rent the movie Holmes with Robert Downey Jr.?


Great Cheap Date Challenge by Lynn Gordon



  1. Jessica said,

    October 8, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    movie night for sure!!! but only if you build yourself a fort first and watch underneath a romantic blanket of… blankets.

    🙂 love you

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