Roaches and Romance

My husband and I laugh about how much our life has changed since we were first married. When I met Clark, he was a full time musician and all that that implies. I had just quit my 9-5, and the thought of sleeping past 7:30 seemed terribly irresponsible. But I got used to it… in fact, I got so used to it, that when we were first married and I began singing full-time, he and I were lucky if we were up before Chic-Fil-A stopped serving breakfast. One of us would roll over (usually me) and lazily say, “We should start the day”, and then next thing you know its the crack of noon, and Clark would roll over all groggily and say, “What’s for lunch?”. We’d emerge around…. oh… 4 or so… show up to play… drop what is now our entire dining budget for the month on one meal and one of us would comment of what a “rough gig” we had… go home, head to bed, get up the next afternoon and do it all over again. It was disgusting. Our non-music friends hated us and rightfully so. I remember we would actually snarl at the phone if it rang before 9:30am and say things like, “don’t these people know we work late?”…like we were night shift ATC or something. As shameful as all of this is to admit, I would not trade those first few years for all of the checked off “to-do” lists in the world. Those were good times. Fast forward 5 years and two kids later… Clark and I “snooze” ’til 5:30am roll over and say, “I wonder if Chic-Fil-A is even open yet?” We are in full-fledged “do” mode by 7:30am and by 8:30pm we aren’t making any more sense because we’re so dog tired from waking up before God Himself. You might be thinking, “serves you right being a languid sloth all those years”… well…. God Himself took care of that this morning. Clark woke up to find me on the couch nursing Mia and doing my morning meditation…. ok, I was checking out blog rolls and Etsy finds. He curls up next to me where we begin to cozy up and slip back into lazy old habit. I was about to say to heck with being efficient this morning when he leaps up from the couch and starts shaking his pant leg. Now, there are few things in this world that will send me into the furthest corner of an interior dwelling sucking my thumb in the fetal position quite like cockroaches. I get the “icks” just typing the word. Thank GOD Mia had finished nursing already or I’m pretty sure I would have suffered nipple injury. No sooner did a black mass fall out of his pants when I flew over the couch and on to the end table… creepy crawlies all up and down my spine. Reliving the lazy glory days…. over! No need for morning coffee. Mama is up and moving today!



  1. Stephanie said,

    October 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Ahhhh! I get the creepies just reading about it!

  2. Camberly said,

    October 9, 2010 at 1:16 am

    HA..All I can say is “Don’t Move”

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