A Newspaper page

Cheap Date Challenge #3:

“Pick any page in the newspaper. Circle words in the stories or headlines that randomly catch your eye, and base your activities that evening on those words. For example, you might have circled “crowds”, “dogs”, “flying”, and “dairy products,” which clearly indicates a date to take the escalator up and down at the mall looking for friendly dogs and then sharing a milkshake.”

Of all the Cheap Date Night Challenges we’ve done already, this was by far the most difficult. We started our evening at Starbucks where we pulled a few headlines from the New York Times. The first word that jumped out at us both was “‘marijuana”. We both looked at each other and thought about it for a moment. “Nah… moving on.” After skimming over much about Chile miners, Obama, and European terror threats, we were feeling oh so optimistic. Finally, we decided on the following “eye catching” words:

Clearly, we were supposed to photo chronicle our date that involved eating chili while leafing through a style magazine giving fashion opinions and writing a blues song.

Well, the chili part was easy enough. Mexicali nachos from Thomas Street Tavern.

We now know more about  Teen Mom than we ever cared to, but we agreed that Blake Lively wears it better than Alexa Chung.

Our attempts at a blues song were terrible! It could have been the Mexicali… yeah that’s it… blame it on the chili.

And to end the night, Caribbean Coconut gelato in the parking lot at Harris Teeter with my sweetheart.

Cheap Date Night Challenge #3– success!!




  1. October 18, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    You are so clever, I love it!

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