Like I said before, I have officially crossed over to the dark side, as I am now the proud owner of an iPhone. I know. I know. Where have I been? That’s like saying we just got a colored TV. I may be the last person I know to actually come into possession of one. At first I made somewhat of a point of principle about it with my husband when he wanted one. I would say things like, “do you really need to be so accessible? Text, email, phone… such an invasion of privacy. That thing even has a location tracker on it like one of those dog microchips for crying our loud. Isn’t that a sign of the end times?” Blah. Blah. Blah.” There is the novelty of it for the first couple of weeks, which for Clark never really seemed to wear off, and I could not for the life of me understand why. He was so hooked in the beginning I casually asked him if there was an app called igiveitarest we could download. He was not amused. Well pride goes before a fall. My computer broke last week and there I am crying to Clark like a spoiled toddler and the words actually escaped my lips, “I need an iPhone”. Who really needs an iPhone? Someone really important like Timothy F. Geithner perhaps but not a stay at home mom who has a date with Thomas the train every day at 5:30. Nevertheless, my sweetheart heard the urgency of my plea, cashed in his free AT&T upgrade and gifted me with my very own IPhone. Let me tell you, I have not even had it for 24hrs and I know this much for sure; the iPhone is a multi-taskers worst nightmare. I’m texting, emailing, and blog surfing all while nursing Mia all while on a call with my mother listening to her talk about her freshly shampooed carpets. The only thing I’m not doing is resolving the federal budget crisis. The point is I completely get it now…. It’s like digital crack. I’m completely addicted. I have not quite gotten the hang of it yet thought. All day yesterday I was rejecting calls from Clark and butt dialing people. I’m so unfamiliar with the new ring, that I kept missing calls all together. While the kids were napping, I was text chatting with Christyn who is away on business. I made some completely inappropriate comment that I won’t bear repeating here. I pictured her in a very important meeting discussing some multi-million dollar merger casually checking her texts and laughing out loud in a room full of professionals before she could even help herself—like my friend who sends topless pictures of herself to her husband when she knows he is in a church all-staff meeting—shock value baby! Anyway, I sent this text and a few minutes later she still hadn’t responded which was very out of the ordinary. I was hoping we’d banter back and forth on that one for a bit. Wouldn’t you know I sent it to my pastor’s wife by mistake. Classic. It’s a good thing she’s my friend and that she has a sense of humor…. But like I always said, “If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to me.”

Clark promised me a tutorial this weekend so I won’t have to keep learning the hard way.


1 Comment

  1. Christyn said,

    October 22, 2010 at 1:59 pm

    It gave me a HUGE laugh, as do all of your vulgar texts! Happy texting!

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