Amped About Alliteration

The first time my husband and I saw this commercial, we  roared with laughter because I not only have an undying affection for post-its, but I am the queen of using alliteration to remember everything from changing the A/C filters to remembering to replace my loofah sponge. It must be a sign of something terrible that eventually someone will make pills for. I reluctantly shared my little memory tool with a friend yesterday and she said, “Oh my gosh, you have to blog about this!” So, Ginny…. this one’s for you.

Salina’s weekly to-do’s:


Sort mail, make deposits and bill payments, Mia’s laundry, weekly menu


Dusting and wiping all counter tops and surfaces and washing towels


Washing clothes for Clark and I, planning weekend family outing


Tubs and Toilets


Floors and food shopping

Saturday or Sunday —

Salem’s laundry

As if all of this isn’t bad enough… I schedule the dentist in December (and when we had a dog, he saw the vet in December as well), and I schedule my annual OB check-up in… yep….. you guessed it… October.

I could go on, but I suspect I may have already subjected myself to becoming the biggest laughing stock of the blogosphere.

What do you use to help you remember some of those important to-do’s? And don’t you dare say post-its!

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