Tenth Avenue North

Hello my lovely readers! I missed you yesterday.

I could not be a more proud mama! Clark and I took Salem to his very first concert on Wednesday night. This is a HUGE deal considering my son thinks he is the next Steve Jordan. He drums on everything and with everything. Un-sharpened pencils, straws, sticks, and crayons on overturned pots, buckets, boxes– you name it. It does pose a challenge when you’re trying to teach your 18 month old to use a fork and he assumes you’re only encouraging his musical talent. He practiced all day to his favorite Eric Clapton DVD, and Wednesday night, I made sure he was equipped with what every 2-year-old concert goer needs– a black leather bomber jacket, some hair gel and a pair of chopsticks. Off we went to experience his very first concert. Bonus…. these were guys that I sang with way back in the day, so we were able to visit with them prior to the show. Salem waltzed onto that tour bus like he was born in a Prevost. I swear, my toddler suddenly aged ten years. He looked every one of those messy haired, graphic T-d, skinny jeaned musicians in the eye like he was about to ask them for the set list and for some bottled water at room temp. When Jason, the drummer, pulled out his drumsticks and gave them to Salem, he looked at me like, “finally, someone who recognizes my potential.” Needless to say, I ended up holding the chopsticks all night. We chose our seats especially so that the drums were in our line of site. With sticks poised and ready at all times, Salem kept his eyes glued to Jason. No matter if it was a more mellow tune, Salem drummed as hard and as fast as he could on the seat back in front of him which inevitably got a few stares from people around us. But no matter– he played the beat until he couldn’t take it anymore and he crashed dead asleep on his daddy’s chest. I dare say, I’ve never enjoyed a more inspiring musical experience.



  1. Dee Nash said,

    November 5, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Precious picture of my amazing grandson! He is the Little Drummer Boy!!

  2. Camberly said,

    November 10, 2010 at 4:07 am

    That was the sweetest blog post! Love it!

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