Great Cheap Date #13

Up, Up, and Away!!

“Drive to the airport, park in short-term parking, and stroll through the international terminals. The range of nationalities found here is impressive. People-watch and make up stories about people’s lives and the trips they are taking. Enjoy the emotional drama of sad partings, joyful reunions, and all the misbehaving tired children. Scan the latest in trash reading at the airport gift store, have yourself a snack in one of the snack bars, and head home with the comfort of knowing that you won’t be sitting on an airplane for 11 hours.”

Hmm… clearly this idea would fly if we were living in pre-9/11 times. I doubt we’ll make it thru to the international terminal, but I’m actually excited to check out the security X-ray scans that have been causing so much controversy. Charlotte Douglas International Airport was one of the first to implement the full body scanner. Yeah, you could say we’re on the cutting edge. HA!

Planning anything fun this weekend?


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