Working Class Studio

While I was vacationing in Amelia Island last week, I stumbled into a small design studio. Unfortunately, the studio will have to remain nameless because, well, frankly, the owner was rather snooty. But, before shaking the proverbial dust off my feet, upon my exit, I noticed these unique picture frames hanging in the corner.

Puffy Frame :: Rectangle :: Slate

Puffy Frame :: Square :: Gecko

These Puffy Frames were created by talented students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). They are part of a home decor line called Working Class Studio.

The Cassie Collection: Gecko Owl

The Cassie Collection: Burnt Scarlet Bloom

I love these vibrant fabrics! I’m adding some pillows to my couch and love seat, and these would dress things up rather nicely.

Amber Collection: Bustier Note Cards

Re-gift Branch Note Cards in Espresso

Perhaps if I had inspiring stationary like this, it would not take me so long to send out those thank you notes from Salem’s birthday party in November! Then again the Bustier note card may not be the appropriate choice for a thank you note from a little boy.

Be sure to check out the rest of their line and locate a store near you!!


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