Up, Up, and Away

“Drive to the airport, park in short-term parking, and stroll through the international terminals. The range of nationalities found here is impressive. People-watch and make up stories about people’s lives and the trips they are taking. Enjoy the emotional drama of sad partings, joyful reunions, and all the misbehaving tired children. Scan the latest in trash reading at the airport gift store, have yourself a snack in one of the snack bars, and head home with the comfort of knowing that you won’t be sitting on an airplane for 11 hours.”

We recently moved to Charlotte from Atlanta. In more ways than not, Charlotte is much more suited to us than Atlanta– less people, less traffic, less expensive. However, for this week’s Great Cheap Date Challenge, things may have gone rather differently if we had lived near Hartsfield-Jackson rather than Charlotte Douglas. Granted, it is the busiest airport in the country, but you can practically hang glide through the terminal its so big. Not to mention, the shops and restaurants available are endless. Kill some time over a cold beverage and a Ceasar salad at Houlihans. Or stay healthy at the Grove stand on your way to catch a flight. Want a massage? No problem. Hit up any one of the Brookstone shops and test the new uSqueeze Pro Massager. You can pretty much find whatever your heart fancies before you even reach the security check point. Perhaps we may have been a tad bit spoiled. Upon our arrival at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Saturday night, we were greeted by nothing but a lonely Starbucks and an empty Lufthansa ticket counter. We soon realized that any hope for entertainment was beyond the full body scanner to be enjoyed by ticketed passengers only. Clark muttered something about all airports smelling like cigarettes and rubber, and I made some crack about a girl wearing a strapless sun dress and flip flops. Does she know its 20 degrees outside? We realized it was only hunger talking, so we left the airport, no sooner than we had arrived, but not before we promised each other that we would one day show up at the airport ticketless and choose an exotic destination on a whim. This addition to the bucket list was well worth our brief visit. In keeping with the international theme, we headed to Deejai Thai and toasted to finally finding our stride. The airport didn’t deliver, but the chicken Tom Kha certainly did.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?


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