99 Bottles

Beer Tasting

“Local Microbreweries often offer free tours with beer tasting afterwards. If there’s no brewery near you, throw your own tasting party by buying some of those weird new beers whose taste you’ve been wondering about, and making homemade pretzels (simple recipes can be found with just a bit of research). Buy a couple of different mustards to put on the fresh pretzels and ta dah! You’ve got your own beer and mustard tasting party (though preferably not mixed together).”

In my defense, I had been up at 5am on Sunday to get ready for church before the kids woke up. Before our little beer tasting double date with Ben and Ashley even started, I was ready to curl up with either Clark or the body pillow and call it a night. But, I had gone to the Common Market the day before and created my own six pack (ok… two six packs) of exotic beers, and I couldn’t wait for non-beer drinking husband to finally select a beer that he liked or at the very least could barely tolerate. The tasting began with Ben enlightening us to the difference in shades, textures, and origins. Thank you, Ben. If Clark and I had been on our own, we would have had to make stuff up as we went along. We sampled ales and lagers from all over the world…Belize, Greece, Germany, England. That combined with the Mexican food we had for dinner has made for an interesting tummy situation for both of us this morning. But the good news is, we found a winner!! Turns out my husband who likes girlie drinks actually prefers the stoutness (is that a word? Stoutness?) of a Steelhead brew. No sissy pale ales for my man. No sir-ee. Before the night even started, I could feel myself coming down with the cold “funk” that’s been going around, and sure enough, not only did I fall asleep before our guests left, but I am sick today with a stuffy head and sore throat.

No….. its not a hangover.

Our cheap date of beer tasting was a success! And now our dining out experiences will be even cheaper if Clark isn’t ordering those expensive martinis!



  1. Ashley C said,

    January 31, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Last night was so much fun! Thanks for letting us join you on your date!

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