Epic Thread Jam

That’s it! I’ve officially had it! My girlfriend dropped by today to ask me if I could hem her jacket. No problem. Never mind that I’ve never sewn a blind hem in my life. (I’m more crafts… less sewing). But there’s a first time for everything, right? I have to have it ready for her to wear to a funeral tomorrow, so I sat down to finish this simple task tonight at 8:15 and it is now 11pm, and not only did I not complete said hem, but I nearly had to take a machete to the jungle that is my sewing space. Seriously, my creative space looks like a nuclear fallout zone. Loose spools of thread, sandwich baggies filled with needles and seam gages. Of course I always keep my Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts handy. So there I am digging through fabric scraps and pillow stuffing looking for my sewing pins and of course Martha is looking up at me with that condescending look and I can just hear her saying, “Thanks for playing. Try again. Its for people like you that God invented adhesive tape”. Yet, I finally (at 9:45) manage to complete a running stitch, but not without achieving the most epic thread jam of all time. The life of my friend’s jacket (who ironically enough happens to be named Martha), my machine, and not to mention my domestic pride are hanging by a thread here. I got all “how stuff works” for about an hour and literally, with a screwdriver and barrage of insults, tore my machine apart just to get the jacket out. Not only that, I blew a dust bunny the size of Martha’s head out of the bobbin case (she -who-sits-smugly- atop -her-domestic- high- horse “Martha”, not “Martha” owner of the garment held hostage by my bloody machine). That should tell you how long its been since I sat down to sew anything. A few MacGyver maneuvers and my machine and Friend Martha’s jacket made it out in one piece, but me on the other hand… the “disheveled homemaker” is not a good look on me! I was recently asked to be a contributing writer for 365 Days of Sewing. Well, right about now, all I have to contribute are tears and a string of colorful expletives. My husband just commented on my angry typing as I sit her taking out my domestic failure on my poor computer. Well, somebody’s got to feel my pain.

I hereby pledge to design my ideal creative space. I want to be able to practically Magneto my sewing pins to me whenever I need them. No more tangled war zone!

I welcome any and all suggestions and comments– especially from those who can sympathize with this sewing disaster!


1 Comment

  1. Courtnie said,

    February 2, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    BEEN THERE!!! Blind hems are a pain, so I avoid them at all costs! How can something so therapeutic be so stressful?

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