Weekend Projects

Every Friday, I begin to anticipate which project I am going to work on over the weekend.

Here’s what I have to choose from this week:

These are an absolutely wretched pair of Clark’s pajama pants. I inherited them by marriage, but they are completely threadbare and therefore useless. Or so it would seem….. this morning, I found them in the trash can and suddenly felt a twinge of sentiment. So, I tore them apart, and I’m going to make fabric rosettes!

This cabinet was from my first apartment. I lent it to Christyn to use as a TV stand during her stay in Charlotte. Last month, I re-inherited (is that a word? “re-inherited”?) it when she moved away along with half of the decor from her apartment which is currently taking up my entire hallway! I have so many decorative pieces that don’t match my current scheme, but I don’t have the heart to give them away. Again, I’m feeling a bit sentimental. So, I am going to repaint this cabinet and use it to store candles, vases, frames, etc.

And finally…

I have been putting together my wall gallery for months now… collecting photos, frames, and other abstract pieces. Here’s a sneak peak from when I scaled it all out on my floor over Christmas. Like how I’m using my tennis shoe and a popcorn Christmas tin to mark the dimensions? Rest assured. These will not be going on the wall.

So, these are what I plan to tackle over the weekend. I doubt I’ll finish all three, but part of the fun is anticipating which one I get to enjoy making.

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?

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