Great Cheap Date Challenge #19

Picture Perfect Picnic

“Be an artist for the day, or just look like one. Pack a picnic, a pad of paper, watercolors, crayons, colored pencils, pastels or whatever medium you’ve always wanted to try. Set off to a scenic afternoon spot where you can both sketch and fritter the time away with good conversation and lots of color. This is all the more fun if neither of you are artistic, or if both of you are. If they aren’t too heavy, you could both bring your favorite art books to pore over after you’ve finished your own masterpieces.”

I was relishing in my Scrabble win from last night when it occurred to me that I didn’t post this weekend’s Great Cheap Date Challenge. The weather in Charlotte has been so beautiful and my sweetheart has not only been cooped up sick this week. Not only that, but his license is expired and he couldn’t get out even if he was feeling well enough to go anywhere! So, we are headed outdoors tomorrow afternoon. I will drive us, of course. And, while we’ve been gifted artistically in some ways, but coloring, drawing, painting, and anything pertaining to visual art of any kind is not exactly our forte. This ought to be fun, right?!

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