I Can Not Do It All

image via Jones Design Company

I stumbled on this print a few days ago, and I think I need to have this framed in a couple of different locations around my house. How about you?

I did a little personal inventory of my priorities this morning, and it wasn’t pretty. When you add up all of my outside activities, not including blogging, the occasional dinner with friends, or the everyday things that need tending to around the house (budgeting, cooking, laundry, market runs, etc) it adds up to 39 hours a week. 39 hours a week?! I thought I was a stay at home mom! Apparently, just because I don’t wear heels and sit in a cubicle anymore, doesn’t mean that the work load has gotten any lighter. I know what you must be thinking. We’re all busy, right? Well, for me personally, this reveals a need for some major adjustment.

I was reading a parenting magazine article a few months back. It suggested that when a mother works more than 20 hours a week outside the home, the rest of the family begins to feel the affects of it. I believe the affects for each family are different, so excuse me for being so vague, but I took that so much to heart. I may not have to report to an office, but those things outside of my home are weighing rather heavy on the scale lately, and requiring more of my attention than I can afford to give. I don’t have to punch a time clock to be considered unavailable at home.

I am speaking entirely from personal conviction, and in no way do I judge women who work outside their homes. But for me, reading, singing, and dancing to Salem’s favorite Bible songs CD are priorities to me. Today, Mia was having “Tummy Time” while I was clipping coupons. I looked over and her entire mouth was blue. After a little search and rescue maneuver, I uncovered a spit- covered mass that once was a coupon. It was incredibly cute albeit disgusting, but my point is this. No activity is worth my time or my contribution at their expense. Only I can look into their eyes and see my hurried lifestyle. Their little instincts can tell when mommy is reading “A Lovely Day for Amelia Goose”, but really she is thinking about making calls, placing orders, and getting to the post office before it closes. No one can convince me otherwise.

So, it is time to recalibrate. Today, I simply acknowledge that I CAN NOT DO IT ALL.

It’s a start, right?


  1. dee said,

    February 28, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Wow! Amen……you know its a daily choice but well worth the effort to set priorities and boundaries. None of us can do it all. So glad you posted this encouragement for all of us. You are such an inspiration!! And a great mom too.

  2. patti said,

    November 23, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    this is a wonderful deal who can do it all no one l dont have kids morning chores take the dog for walk make the breakfast, clean the dishes go and excersise ok now its afternoon make lunch clean up do the laundry, sweep up after the dog making mess. folding clothes ok now its dinner time where did the day go we are soppose to be women not soldiers or chamber maids we are supose to be soft pretty smart full o ideas

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