I began this little daily inspiration journal almost 6 months ago, and all I can say about is that my appetite for creativity has grown leaps and bounds, relationships with women all over the world have formed and blossomed, and my window into the outside world has opened to reveal all sorts of beautiful things. As you know, today marks the first day of the Lent season. I am not Catholic, and therefore the observation of Lent is a new concept for me, but my community of faith is observing it this year, and I am intrigued enough to participate. I’ve thought long and hard about the one thing from which I could sacrificially abstain as an act of reverence and submission leading up to the Easter holiday. I’ve gone through the usual ideas– sugar, caffeine, alcohol, media. Somehow, none of these seemed the proper fit. Then I realized how much I look forward to writing my daily blog posts, and well, I didn’t need to look much further. So, while I believe these sort of things ought to be done quietly and privately rather than published on the internet, I didn’t want you to wonder why I had disappeared. Traditionally, the thing abstained from is allowed on Sundays during Lent so, I will be popping in to say hello and update on date nights, interesting finds, creative projects, and hilarious kid moments on those days. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming after Easter. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I will be checking my comments, so I’d love to know if you too are observing the Lent season and any thoughts you may have on the occasion. Also, my church is posting a daily Scripture reading that Clark and I will be doing if you’d like to join us. In the meantime, I pray you continue to discover the beauty in your everyday, and I look forward to resuming our journey in the coming weeks.


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  1. Carol Peterson said,

    March 9, 2011 at 10:20 pm

    Darn! I will miss your blogs! Corks should be arriving tomorrrow. I am “going dark” on Facebook for Lent. Will still check statuses, but no posting or commenting…will spend that time reading my Bible, good devotional readings, etc. I grew up Baptist and until I married Torsten in 1982 and became an Episcopalian, I had never observed Lent. It really is a meaningful tool for focusing more on the Lord and intentionally doing things/not doing things that add/distract from your relationship with Him. Blessings for a Holy Lent! Carol

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