Weekend Highlights part two


It has been a pretty ho-hum week around the Beasley Estate. Unless of course you consider a diaper-less toddler covered in yuck after his Friday afternoon nap ho-hum. Lesson learned, Mama. No more sleeping in just a T. Pants are a must. Those velcro tabs are just too tempting for little fingers.

Mia received a package this week from NY Lingerie. Rather odd for a 7-month old to receive a box from an intimates shop, don’t you think? Clark intercepted the package and thought perhaps someone was pulling some sort of twisted prank. Of course our pastor, his wife, and our neighbor couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to drop by. There was Clark, caught red-handed with the unmentionable parcel, which he quickly thrust it into my hands as though it housed some rare and poisonous reptile. I opened it, and these were inside.

Thanks mom. Your Amazon purchase gave us quite the laugh.

Other than that,

Here is what’s been happening around the web:

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Blogging for Japan with love


See you next Sunday!




1 Comment

  1. Sarah said,

    March 21, 2011 at 1:46 am

    What a great laugh!!!! I love it!!! I guess you did plenty of embarrassing when you were young, it was now your mom’s turn to get you back!

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