Bunny’s with the Band

It is my one day of the week to blog and I’ve spent most of it in and out of airports. We flew to Mississippi for Clark’s dad’s 60th, and all I can say is that my kids are rock stars. They slept like champs on both legs of the flight and kept relatively good spirits on a 3 hour lay over in Atlanta (which is more than I can say for Mom and Dad.) We must have looked like the VonTrapp Family Singers sitting on the floor in the terminal with babies and guitar cases. Clark and Salem were drumming with plastic Wendy’s straws on anything they could find. A complete stranger stopped and asked if she could take our picture, which was, yes, a little creepy, but nevertheless, I’m glad we have it.

You can’t tell from the picture all that well, but Salem’s lovie of choice is a giant stuffed bunny that has seen better days. I thought we were going to have to pay for Bunny to have a seat on the flight considering he is larger than Salem. He would have to pick the biggest stuffed animal to grow attached to, right? Oversized as he may be, I owe the relative smooth-ness of this trip to our furry little friend. So I hereby dedicate this Sunday blog post to Bunny. 

There is way to much cool stuff floating around the web, but I’m blogging from an iPhone, so I’ll be sure to load you up with all sorts of goodies next week. Btw, giving up blogging for Lent has been incredibly difficult. At least twice a week, I regret not giving up coffee instead. But the clarity and private thought has been rather meditative and that is the whole point, right?

So until next week friends, I wish you a happy week. 


1 Comment

  1. dee said,

    March 28, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    Awww! Bunny!! I don’t know whether to apologize for gifting Bunny or pat myself on the back! I love you guys! The cutest family ever!! Nona misses your daily blog. I know what you mean…….we should have given up coffee!

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