The Sound of Center City

I’d like to take this moment to personally invite you to visit our family blog– a chronicle of the ups and downs of community life as church planters in Charlotte, NC. You’ll find the tone there is a bit different. As much as I love to talk about art and travel and the hilarious things women face from one day to the next, this particular blog comes more from the heart. People ask me where I find the time to keep a daily blog. You’d laugh if I told you some of the places I sneak off to just to catch an idea in print. Believe me, it is not easy to maintain any kind of self-reflection with little people banging on the other side of the bathroom door. Nevertheless, my family is on a journey, a rather difficult yet glorious one, and I invite you here to join with Clark and I as we try to make heads or tales of it. If you’ve tracked with me for any length of time, you know one thing is for sure, I will tell it like it is. Not in an obnoxious, Laura Schlessinger kind of way, but in a real life, raw truth, non-sexy sort of way. If you’d like to journey along with us, visit the Sound of Center City blog and join the fun. We’d love to have you.


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