Thrifty with a Cause

What does this bright orange pillow…

these vintage blue vases…

this pair of candle holders…

these ornate wall sconces…

and these magazine flag markers all have in common?

They were all purchased at a yard sale!

Now, I’m not an avid yard sale-r. In fact, the only reason why I stumbled on these finds was because the yard in which this particular sale took place just so happened to be my own. Some friends of mine are adopting a little boy from Africa and I volunteered for them to hold a bazaar in my front yard. {Thankfully, what our rental house lacks in curb appeal, it makes up for in acreage.} I literally sat on my front porch until something struck my fancy as my neighbors crowded my lawn like ants at a picnic. It was the best {and easiest $14 I’ve spent all year}. Now every time I walk past my wall sconces, I think about a little orphan boy in Africa that I look forward to meeting in the coming months. To read more about why this particular yard sale literally moved me to tears, check out The Sound of Center City Blog.


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