Just a Dent

I hit a brick wall with my van yesterday.

Clark saw the whole thing happen. I was backing into the driveway after a supermarket adventure with my 10-month-old and my pre-schooler, and I completely misjudged the distance and ran smack into the house. With the Civil Wars blaring {not to mention I’m partially deaf} of course I couldn’t hear my husband screaming for me to slow down. I hit it with such force that he later said I ought to have yelled “RAMMING SPEED” outside the driver’s window before I decided to play crash test dummies with our Odyssey. What did I do? Within a matter of seconds, I fell into a heap of tears. I married a wonderful man who calmly helped me out of the car and unloaded my groceries while saying, “Its ok, Sweetheart. Its just a dent.” Just a dent. It looks like I took a hacksaw to the bumper in a fit of PMS rage. I hereby do banish myself from operating any and all heavy machinery.

After my run-in with the house {no pun intended}, I took to a cold beer and some Pinterest perusing. I’m new to Pinterest, but it is a brilliant way to archive all of my virtual inspiration. My friend Jessica has the greatest sense of humor. Needless to say, her quote pins had me in hysterics and I soon forgot about my little bumper mishap. Here are a few just for kicks and giggles.

Pinned by Jessica Smith

Pinned by French By Design

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