Safe for the Whole Family

After I unknowingly posted such suggestive, yet hilarious content yesterday, I’ll try to keep today’s post as “family friendly” as possible. But I can’t make any promises seeing as I have had the kind of day that makes you want to get back under the covers and try again tomorrow.

I won’t go into too many details. You can follow my Twitter feed or read more about it on the Sound of Center City Blog. After all, LL is intended to be more of an inspirational retreat from life’s everyday bumps, rather than a venting platform. But after today’s “mom’s morning out”, I did what any mature adult would have done, and I took today’s “bumps” on a whole chicken. I ripped the skin off that thing as though it was every bad haircut, ex-boyfriend, or 18-wheeler who ever cut me off in traffic.

I felt better. Sorta.

But men of the house, beware! Salem met me at the door with a fist full of hydrangeas which was nothing less than adorable. I smiled… right up until the handoff at which point he pitched a royal fit as though I had just robbed him of his birthright. We’re still working on the whole “sharing” thing. It’s going about as well as potty training. Speaking of which, Mia saved a prize-winning diaper just for me. No sooner than I disposed of the biohazardous waste, my sweetheart suggests that tonight after we put the kids to bed tonight we do some yoga together. Yoga? And not just any yoga. P90X downward-dog-until-all-the-blood-rushes-to-your-head-or-you-beg-for-mercy yoga. Not for the faint of heart. I consented but not before mumbling something about Exalted Warrior Pose meets Praying Mantis as an effective approach to centering the marital chi. I’ve already “removed the excess” considering I’m typing on a computer with a brand spanking new hard drive. Five years of photos, documents, budget spreadsheets, and mp3s down the proverbial drain. Can a person experience any more “cleansing from within”? I don’t think so. Yoga. I can think of a million other ways to relieve stress, one of them a highly popular Scandinavian relaxation method known as Haagen-Dazs. It even comes in pints to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Let’s look on the bright side… this has to be the most family-friendly cyber-venting post I’ve ever written!

Thanks for tuning in. Tomorrow… Mothers Speak.




  1. June 9, 2011 at 11:34 pm

    Enjoy that P90X yoga. Especially yoga-belly 7. If you don’t know what it is, believe me you’ll never forget it once you’ve done it! Look on the bright side: you will sleep REALLY well!

  2. itybtyctykty said,

    June 10, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    I’ve lost a full hard-drive before. There’s a certain type of loss that I still feel when I think about it – maybe even a sort of grief. So sorry that had to happen to you!

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