Fair-Feathered Friend

Its been a quite a week…. good heavens!

After Mia’s 1st birthday tea party {pics still to come}, I got sick and spent most of the week in my pjs doped up on cold meds. The rhythm around my house turned into a house of cards on the verge of collapse, and it was all for me just to keep my children from being swallowed up by the laundry pile. We’re slowly but surely digging our way out, and life is looking a little more rhythmic this week. So, I am looking forward to exploring a little more inspiration with you.

First, a weekend visit from my dear friend Jessica.

The best way I can describe Jessica…she is the Avis to my Julia. Jess and I “met” via Facebook 4 years ago. Our cyber-paths crossed thru a mutual friend and within weeks we were emailing one another multiple times a day pages upon pages of self-disclosure — random topics ranging from cake decorating and dream interpretation to more personal core values of faith and family. We’ve drawn from each others’ spiritual and creative substance since our first email exchanges, and prior to this weekend, we have seen each other face to face only once! Since then, I’ve had not one, but two babies, done an about-face with my singing career, made an interstate move and started a blog. Jessica now has a handful of Minnesota winters under her belt, a job she loves in Minneapolis at a shop appropriately called “I Like You“, a range of artistic pursuits, a life-giving and receiving community, and she is quite possibly the only person I’ve met to date that can effectively pull off feather hair extensions. The years have had a way of seasoning us into women complete with laugh lines and a sober awareness of our legacies and limitations, and this past weekend, we simply relished in the gift of friendship that is both free and priceless. So, thank you, Jessica for feathering my hair and re-fueling my inspiration tank.

Be encouraged to celebrate your friends today!


1 Comment

  1. Jessica said,

    August 17, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    love you friend!

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