Chicken Soup

While I’m taking a break from crunching numbers in preparation for tonight’s final installment of Financial Peace University, the Head Beasley is watching Sci-Fi underneath more down feathers than one would find in the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. He is so sick, he is utterly incapable of even unscrewing the child-safe top of the ibuprofen bottle. We paid a visit {and when I say “paid”, did we ever} to a new Family Physician who asked a few questions preceded by a rather well-rehearsed stethoscope routine. We indulged Dr. Pickelherring in an amusing round of “name that virus”, and wouldn’t you know the big finish was none other than an autographed prescription for more sci-fi and down feathers. I should have saved my $150 and opted for a little Legend-of-the-Fist therapy instead!

I live by a rule that if one must be sick, they ought to take advantage of the opportunity to indulge in some of their favorite things. In Clark’s case that involves surfing the net for the latest in guitar gear, an endless supply of all things Chic-Fil-A, and you guessed it….plenty of Sci-Fi. When {and if} I come down with whatever bug he’s currently hosting, I will opt to beat the blues in all things HGTV, Pinterest, Pride & Prejudice, and my grandmother’s chicken soup. Trust me, the smell of it alone is enough to put you back on your feet. And so, here is my gift to you in the event that you are feeling the “least bit poorly” {to quote the handsome Mr. Charles Bingley}.

Chicken Soup

3 chicken breasts {with skin & bone}

1 package of carrots {sliced}

1 batch of celery stalk {diced}

1 large {or 2 small} yellow onion

2 boxes of chicken broth

2 tbls olive oil

2 or 3 minced garlic cloves

salt & pepper, oregano, dried parsley {to taste}

Preparation: Sautee chicken in soup pot with olive oil. Take out when partially cooked. Add onion, garlic, celery, and carrots with 2 containers of broth. Add water to taste. After chicken has cooled, cut into pieces and add to soup {leave the bone in for flavor}. Simmer for hours. Add salt, pepper, oregano and dried parsley. Heat noodles on the side and add to soup.

The patient is calling….. off to deliver more Hellboy II and War of the Worlds.


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