Komen Race For the Cure

Tomorrow is the big day! I have been training for the Charlotte Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure for the last 9 weeks and I. am. READY! If you’re thinking about starting a training program, allow me to suggest using Couch to 5K! You can download the app right to your phone and it will literally take you from your Lazy Boy to race day in just nine weeks with voice prompts and timed intervals, recommended stretching exercises, and music playlist options. My favorite feature is, of course, being able to post a completed workout to Facebook and Twitter. So thanks to all of you that have messaged me with ‘atta girl-s! I can’t wait to update you.


A Huge Success

My first Kindermusik class today was a SMASH hit. I effectively made 6 children and 5 adults {including but not limited to one husband, one pastor, and one friend nine months pregnant with her 3rd child} leap like frogs and squeal like pigs all for the sake of learning and fun. They were great sports and the kids no doubt had a wonderful time. In fact, so wonderful, this was the scene only moments later…

This is a one Miss Amelia “Mia” Beasley {age 1 year} and Miss Charlote “Lottie” Gum {age 3 months} after tagging along with their older siblings and friends to Kindermusik. I ask you, is there anything more ADORABLE!?


Kinder “Moose-Kick”

Today, I begin my Kindermusik teaching practicum and I am literally giddy like a little school girl. I get to spend the next 4 weeks with with 5 families of children age 2-4 singing, dancing, and making animal noises. What a trip! Last week while I was practicing with Mia and Salem {which he so adorably calls Kinder-“moose-kick”} we we’re squealing like pigs until he literally covered his ears and starting screaming. Apparently my pig noises frighten small children. However, we’ve made it past the terrifying stage enough to join our friends and neighbors today in what I hope to be the beginning of a fun musical learning experience for everyone. Wish me luck!

Date Basket

This clever idea has been making the rounds on Pinterest, but every since I saw these pre-planned {and pre-paid} monthly date envelopes, I’ve been coming up with ideas to make my own. Shannon Brown made these as a Christmas gift for her husband, but how cool would it be as an anniversary or a wedding gift? Each month of the year would have a different theme and a different adventure for the special couple. It would certainly take thought, originality, and quite a bit of planning, but it would surely be a gift they wouldn’t forget. And, if you’re a really good friend, you could slip a “free childcare” coupon into each envelope for couples with small children. Oh, please won’t you be my really good friend?

A Need to Breathe

That’s what I’ve been feeling mostly lately. So, Amelia and I are taking a little “Ladies Road Trip” this weekend. Lots of dancing in the car to the radio and making faces at each other in the rear view mirror. I will miss my boys, but I have no doubt they are going to watch plenty of sci-fi and live concert DVDs and play music in the studio into the wee hours. So, here’s to clearing my head and reflecting on the things that matter most in life.

Such as this….

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lady Lullabuy Turns One!

{image via Company B’s Etsy Shop}

Today marks my first birthday as a blogger!

That’s 365 days…

223 posts…

23 categories…


537 comments from YOU!

I’d say that’s reason to celebrate!

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing in the journey with me.

Have a great weekend!

Missoni Mania

I had to see for myself what all the hype was about, and I’ve gotta be honest. All that zigzag print gave me a headache. After spending some time perusing the Italian luxury brand made accessible to the masses, all that caught my eye was a crib skirt and a couple of throw pillows both of which were literally sold out in a matter of hours.

{Images via Missoni:: Target}

Curious, but did you catch the fever of the Missoni-mania? If so, what did you snag?

Coupon Craze

It’s Triple Coupons Week at Harris Teeter and the Beasley’s are making preparations. Here was the scene around my house this afternoon.

We piled all the unused coupons into a great big mound and thew them up in the air while shouting, “Yay coupons!” I’m pretty sure we scared away a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses that came to our front door zealously bearing grins and tracts and some interesting news about a watchtower. Even the littlest Beasley was cashing in on the excitement.

Every coupon $.99 and under can be redeemed for triple the value this week only at Harris Teeter.

 We’re so amped about Triple Coupon Week, you might just find us your front door bearing scissors and a Super Saver insert! {And I promise that we can still be friends even if you pretend you’re not home.}


A Date With a Prince

I spent some time yesterday morning thinking through our family traditions. I don’t mean “Chinese-take-out-on-Christmas-Eve” sort of tradition so much as the weekly ritual activities that our kids will grow up remembering. I want their conversation to be replete with sentimental phrases like “Remember how we used to…” fill in the blank…”have carpet picnic every Saturday night?”… “jam with daddy in the studio after dinner?”… “sit on the bottom refrigerator shelf and watch mom poach eggs?” {Both Salem and Mia have chosen that as they’re favorite seat in the house}. I swear, every time the fridge door opens one of them wedges their little bottoms in there and bears this goofy grin making it nearly impossible to remove them. I figure their little bums will go numb before the milk goes bad, so we’re square. Anyway, I’ve been brainstorming other special moments and I stumbled on one just last night. Clark now has a steady gig on Sunday nights {“steady” and “gig”– a musicians two favorite words in the entire English language}. So, last night Salem and I made plans to watch a movie on Mommy’s bed. First of all, to be allowed on Mommy’s bed is right up there with being invited to the Royal Wedding. I’m talking a HUGE deal. And while Mia could care less to watch .5 seconds of television, Salem could sit thru the entire directors cut of Lord of the Rings and The Stand in one sitting without so much as wiggling a pinky. He redefines couch potato. Good thing he has the most efficient mommy in the free world. who literally fold socks while on the toilet. {Don’t act like you’ve never done it.} Rest assured, together we will beat the “lazies”. Ahem… Back to Mommy’s bed. So, after I put my non-tv-impressed 2nd born to bed, Salem, and Bunny, and I snuggled up to watch a movie on Mommy’s bed. I kept looking over at Salem kicking back on Daddy’s side of the bed positively glued to the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I found myself secretly hoping that he will still want to do this with me when he’s old enough to drive unsupervised. And then just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any sweeter…


He has insisted on wearing this Little Prince crown ever since his little sister’s 1st Birthday Tea Party and I feel it is worth noting that those are in fact drum sticks he is clutching in his sleep. In a word, unforgettable. I think Movie Night on Mommy’s Bed will in fact be part of our regularly scheduled programming.

What kind of weekly rituals do you enjoy in your house?

Mothers Speak: Baby Maggie

I received some news today. The kind of news that feels like someone socked you in the gut without warning. The kind of news that leaves you blubbering to yourself in public and you don’t care who’s watching. The kind of news that makes you want to shake your fist at Heaven and demand to know, “Why?”

Some friends of mine are celebrating the birth of their 2nd child and mourning her loss at the same time… a conflict of emotions so profoundly rare, only few, if any, can appropriately describe. Baby Maggie Hoffman was diagnosed with a congenital neural tube defect that if carried to term, would not allow her to live beyond a few precious moments. No sooner than Maggie entered the world on Wednesday, September 7th, Mom and Dad began memorizing her tiny features before they had to say “goodbye”. You can read the whole story on Moments With Maggie’s blog. As heartbreaking a read as this is, I find myself grateful that the Hoffman’s have allowed you and I into such a unique realm of perspective over losing a child. I can’t wrap my head around the shape their grief will inevitably take in the coming days, but if I had to identify my own predominant emotion currently, surprisingly, it would be shame.

Shame that I haven’t stayed in better touch. Shame that my friends have been living with this news for weeks and I only just found out. Shame that just this morning I confessed to a girlfriend over coffee that I was so happy I wasn’t pregnant right now. Shame that I lost patience with Salem yesterday while he was pulling photos out of the basket on top of our coffee table getting his chubby little fingerprints all over the glossy pictures. Shame that in the middle of this tragedy, I find myself reflecting on my own reaction because I can’t bear fantasizing about what they must be feeling right now. And yet… it is what it is.

I didn’t meet this baby girl. And yet because of her presence, as short-lived as it was, I’ve never wanted to cut my mother’s morning out short and race every red light home to kiss my kid’s chicken nugget-crummed faces so badly before. I’ve never cared less about baby weight, mid-night diaper runs, or a my favorite sweater sacrificed to milky spit-up. I never considered lumping Pro-Choice activists in with shoe-bombing terrorists until now, and as far as those considered blessed among women…. I’d say Michelle Duggar has me beat multiple times over. Dear God, WHY does it take tragedy like this to remind me that life is precious? That life is always reason enough to celebrate? That my pea-sized vantage of what really matters from one day to the next is utterly despicable in light of such staggering loss? That I am a rich woman because of the life that surrounds me. Life…. loaded with clutter, noise, junk mail, white flour, late fees, typos, expired coupons, and misunderstandings….. IS STILL LIFE!!!!!!!

Please remind me next time I forget…….  its all worth celebrating.

Thank you Baby Maggie for reminding me of that today.

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