Coupon Craze

It’s Triple Coupons Week at Harris Teeter and the Beasley’s are making preparations. Here was the scene around my house this afternoon.

We piled all the unused coupons into a great big mound and thew them up in the air while shouting, “Yay coupons!” I’m pretty sure we scared away a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses that came to our front door zealously bearing grins and tracts and some interesting news about a watchtower. Even the littlest Beasley was cashing in on the excitement.

Every coupon $.99 and under can be redeemed for triple the value this week only at Harris Teeter.

 We’re so amped about Triple Coupon Week, you might just find us your front door bearing scissors and a Super Saver insert! {And I promise that we can still be friends even if you pretend you’re not home.}



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