New Addition

Clark brought home a new addition to the family over the weekend. He waited in line for 2 hours at the breeder for something small and black that comes house trained and obeys our every command. In all of our anticipation, we actually considered updating our will and giving our little precious its very own room in the Beasley Estate.

Allow me to introduce “IPhone 4S” Beasley.

I am outnumbered when it comes to those in my family who are utterly fascinated by anything that lights up and has push-able buttons. Its been 72 hours, and already 4S has mowed the lawn, filed our tax returns, swept the chimney, and potty trained my two-year old. What will those Fruit Lovers think of next?

4S joined us on our annual Pumpkin Picking Hayride Extravaganza, and I will say this, he was well worth the money and the wait for his rad picture-taking abilities alone!

Two Peas…

Two more Peas…

Am I just a proud mama or does my second-born look like a page out of Baby Country Living?

Salem utterly fascinated with water pump racing

I had to include this candid shot from our off-road hay ride because at any given moment, Salem is hollering about something {usually his lost drum sticks}, and Mia is making this “I’m-up-to-no-good” face.


  Our first outing with our new addition was successful. 4S was a perfect angel and luckily, he didn’t have any accidents in the car on the way to the pumpkin patch. What more could we ask for {until next year’s upgrade}?

Happy Fall from the Beasley Family Party of Five.


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