Phyllo Frenzy

I wish I could have bottled the delicious aroma that filled my kitchen last night. The Sound of Music inspired dessert in honor of my completed Kindermusik certification was the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishment.

Isn’t it beautiful!?
{Disclaimer: I HIGHLY recommend watching the demonstration video if you plan to attempt this at home. If I hadn’t, I’m relatively convinced that my strudel would have turned out looking like a deflated balloon animal.}

Paula Deen’s Apple Strudel recipe calls for 5 sheets of phyllo dough {Pronounced “Fee-low”}. I’ve never baked using phyllo. Have you? Well, around 5pm last night, I braved a long distance phone call while simultaneously pushing a 2 seater mack-truck grocery cart through the Harris Teeter looking for obscure strudel ingredients. My oldest launched into a compelling argument for an additional free sugar cookie {“Cookie peas…. cookie peas…. COOKIE PEAS!!!”… Repeat}, while my youngest insisted on sprawling her arms and legs at full length so to knock over an entire display of snack pack Cheez It crackers. Did I mention that I was on the phone? Not only did I receive a number of dirty looks from all of the other childless supermarket shoppers, but I ended up with a bag of almonds in my grocery bag while I was on the phone and I have no idea how they got there since Paula’s recipe doesn’t even call for almonds. Anyway, Paula called for 5 sheets, so just to be safe, I bought 6….. ROLLS!!!!! WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE!  And each roll has about 45 sheets of phyllo. Do you have any idea how much phyllo that is?!

I see lots of strudel in my family’s future.
Feel free to forward me your favorite “phyllo-inspired” recipes as I just so happen to be in the market for some.

Have a great weekend. Oh, and take it from me. HANG UP THE PHONE!!


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