Printable Holiday Greetings

Remember the good ‘ole days when you went to your mailbox and discovered a handwritten note written in beautiful penmanship with thoughtful sentiments from a friend far away? Letter writing really has become a lost art hasn’t it? I am seriously considering bringing it back this holiday season. I’ve been playing with ideas for funny family photo ops that might make for a memorable pre-printed holiday card. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing says “I love you” more than Wal Mart one hour photo. But I decided to take a little time this morning to peruse some printable holiday greeting cards, and although this feels a bit like looking at presents before Christmas morning {because you just might find one of these in your mailbox from me}, I wanted to share them with you in the event you too want to bring back the handwritten greeting card.

Printable Christmas Card  by Mufn Inc. 

Bluebell Christmas Card by E.M. Paper’s Etsy Shop

Holiday Cards by Rosemary via Creature Comforts’ Blog

Happy Christmas from London by Hello! Lucky
{Ok, so it’s not a printable and I’m not from London, but if it were and if I was, this would be my holiday greeting of choice.}

Here’s one for the sassy holiday well-wisher…

Spiked Egg Nog Holiday Card by McKenzie Noelle Creative

And if you want to go the extra thoughtful mile, here’s a few added printable touches to put your holiday greeting over the top…

wrap-around Christmas card address labels by 517 creations

Holiday address labels by Iheart Organizing

Do you have a favorite?

Some of these are free printable downloads, which means I have no excuse for getting my handwritten greetings in the mailbox sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoy the last day of November because it is about to get holiday crazy in the December blogosphere!


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