Simple this Season

I have spent the better part of the afternoon addressing Christmas cards, frosting sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas trees and candy canes, and rehearsing Christmas tunes for a few upcoming holiday gatherings. And I must say, I feel great. I have felt the overwhelming need to keep things simple this holiday season. It is so easy to get stressed out this time of year, isn’t it? With all of the Christmas parties and shopping and wrapping and decorating…. and then there is the inevitable over-eating, over-spending, and relatives who over-stay their welcome. Most years I have at least one freak out moment where I want to just hide under the covers and tell Clark to wake me when it’s over. But not this year. I think I’ll stick with handwritten cards and homemade cookie tins. Maybe this year, I’ll be able to better savor the life and beauty the season brings and enjoy more moments like these…

Make a mess in the kitchen this holiday. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give to your friends and family is a grateful heart, a cheerful spirit and cookies…. lots and lots of cookies.


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