The White Man

We’ve been reviewing pedestrian traffic signals with Salem. When we walk to the corner, he instinctively asks if he can “push da button” indicating our need to cross the street. And then, we count the seconds until the orange hand gives way to the pedestrian crossing signal indicating it is safe to walk. There really is no other name appropriate to call it than “the White Man” as it is to a three-year-old clearly a man who is also white, therefore he is the White Man. Tell that to a group of inner-city middle schoolers who were boarding a bus outside of the Uptown library while my pre-Schooler shouted at the top of his lungs, “Mommy, where’s da White Man?!”

Offended crowd of Pre-teens. Blushing Mommy. Oblivious three-year-old.

It must be a Tuesday.


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