Beat the “Blah’s”


Image via Modern Hepburn

Tonight is date night and I’m sitting here in an oversized hooded sweatshirt with braided wet hair, and coffee breath covered in {you guessed it} receipts and bank statements… hardly a fantasy image that would get me asked out twice, I’d say. I went snooping for some “just add charm” inspiration that might dazzle me up a bit before my big night. Well, take it from me… if you’re battling the “blah’s” today, look no further than Modern Hepburn. These snapshots of everyday people and atmospheres are truly stunning, and I’m convinced Modern Hepburn could make me look wistful and romantic even in my day-old-T and mismatched socks. Now perhaps that might be reaching just a tad bit, but it’s enough to get me out of my shredded seven jeans and into a pair of red heels.

Wish me luck!


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