Daddy on Demand

It is Friday…. Mom’s day out. Day to run, read, shop, eat lunch with friends, or sit at the bar of my favorite coffee shop and stare out the window until I lose track of time. I look forward to these days, but I always feel strange waving goodbye to breakfast dishes and jelly toast smeared faces. I feels as though I am somehow neglecting my responsibilities as a mother. But Clark insists that I get out once a week at least for a few consecutive hours. He says it keeps me balanced. Yes, he is more wonderful than I could have ever hoped for or imagined. Still, it takes me a good hour to settle into the luxury of having an entire morning to do whatever the heck I want. Just when I was starting to get cozy with my second cup of Snickerdoodle dark roast, I get the following text. (Disregard the obnoxious ringer stamp. I woke up to the IPhone in a pool of water next to the kitchen sink and now I can’t get rid of the ringer bar thing-y. TGI-“upgrade Friday”).

…a glimpse into our blessed madness

Have a wonderful (and safe) weekend, Everyone!


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