Secrets of an Insomniac

I was wide awake at 3am this morning partly because the down feathers had migrated to the lower half of my body which resulted in a lot of flailing and fanning and tossing the down feather disappointment onto my significant other. But the truth is, I was unable to resume my slumber in the wee hours because I was too busy designing this space in my sleepless head.

This is the sunroom of the house that the Beasley’s will call “home” in just 2 more Saturdays… Moving Day… the same day as my Half-Marathon Race Day, and what is sure to be the day that I suffer Loss-of-Lower-Limb-Use Day. I’ve got that day circled in big, fat, red marker on my calendar as the last day I may ever be able to feel my toes. Anyway, I am so thrilled about this house. As far as blank canvases go, this house already provides so much natural inspiration. Check out those windows, the view of my new FENCED IN YARD, the sunlight… picture me sprawled out making tile-angels in the center of the floor…. that’s how amped I am to be moving into this new space. I have always wanted to have a homeschool/ creative learning space, and this room is going to provide just that. As you can see, it is HUGE. Way more space than little learners need, so I’m thinking of partitioning it off and creating an office/creative lesson planning nook for myself. Do you have any multi-purpose rooms in your house? If so, feel free to pass along any tips. Consider this the “Before” picture. I can’t WAIT to show you the “After”.

{We interrupt this blog post for an emergency Pinterst-perusing session of multi-purpose creative learning spaces.}

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