The Wheels on the Bus

The kids and I rode the bus today. It was their first time. The last time I tried taking public transportation, it was in downtown Atlanta. Clark and I were going to the U2 concert and we got horribly lost. Not only did I miss a portion of the show, but getting lost in downtown Atlanta is scary enough to make any person swear off riding the city bus for all eternity. But I got a wild hair over my Ezekiel bread this morning and thought, heck. We are due for a little spontaneity. So, the kids and I put on our adventure pants and navigated the bus route to the library for toddler reading hour. I don’t know who was more excited to be riding the bus, the kids or me. While Salem showed a particular dislike for my jazzy rendition of “the wheels on the bus” Mia proudly announced to the entire cab that she pooped. Over and over and over again. Seems somebody is getting ready to potty train. Our Beasley Family Public Transportation Adventure was going swimmingly until Mama Llama forgot to check the weather forecast. The skies parted just as we were singing the final verse of “Open Shut Them” at reading hour which meant the 9 minute walk back to our bus stop would be a soggy one. Luckily, Daddy was having lunch nearby and was able to come and pick us up. So even though we sort of cheated by having Clark come rescue us in the rain, I am proud to say that we have  now been thoroughly schooled in the ways of Charlotte’s public transportation system. The world is our oyster as long as we can keep the whole “inbound-outbound-uptown-downtown-happy-all-the-time” thing straight.


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