Gallery Wall Tour

Ah… now that’s better

Note to self… don’t ever write a post lamenting about a missing wedding box when you are sick and doped up on cold meds. Clark came home and within moments found it and the missing Christmas decorations. Oooo right… we have a basement now. Didn’t think to check there.

Turns out the silk wedding bouquet didn’t work for the yellow flower pot, but the holly berries we used for groom’s men boutineers inside our wedding communion goblet made the cut.

So, with deep satisfaction (and much less head congestion), I’ve moved on to completing the family room gallery wall.

Care to take a tour with me?
Today is our wedding anniversary, so I am especially loving some of these early engagement pictures of Clark and I. He still makes me laugh like the pic in the upper far left corner.

I grouped these three photos together as proof that my children did in fact come from me. Everyone says that they both look like Clark. Granted they do with their red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Regardless of my dominant Latin genes, I somehow manage to look adopted in every family photo.

Salem’s smile on the right looks so much like mine on the left. Yes? No? Well, it was worth a try.

Here’s a little tip if you every decide to put together your own gallery wall

I made a paper template of every frame and accent I wanted to use. I laid them out on the floor and tweaked the configuration until I was happy with the big picture. Then I taped them to the wall. Then I paused for popcorn and a movie and went back to arranging and taping and rearranging and re-taping. Then I slept on it and proceeded to obsess over it the entire next day. After enlisting Clark to check my angles and spacing a few dozen times, I confronted my Design Commitment Phobia and nailed those suckers to the wall. One broken glass panel, a few color changes for the candle, a splash of Autumn inspiration, and voila!

I’m headed out for some fresh air before my romantic anniversary date tonight. Pub food and Bond, Baby! Wish me luck!


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  1. Dee said,

    November 21, 2012 at 1:55 am

    I love the gallery ….: so very Pinterest!

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