Mr. Potato Head Cupcakes

My boy turns FOUR today! Thanks to all of you who sent birthday texts and cards to Salem. He came off the school bus this afternoon singing Happy Birthday to himself, so I think he is feeling special. Last night after the kids went to sleep, Clark was busy cursing the Comcast Cable Corporate Conspiracy paying bills, and I was decorating these…

My kids are currently obsessed with Toy Story, so I thought these Mr. Potato Head cupcakes were only fitting. A variety of marshmallows, some candy eyes, raisin eye brows and ‘staches, mini oreo hats, and jelly beans for feet and we were in business. I saved a few for Mia to decorate herself today, but, well…you can see how that turned out.

The cupcakes were a hit with Salem’s class! Gotta love his preschool teacher who sends me real time photos throughout the morning.

I love you to the moon and back, Salem Bug. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!


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  1. Nadine Laflamme said,

    November 27, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    Dear Salem, oh how much you have grown young lad…4 years already.
    For the moment you took your first breath, you were the moon, the sun and the stars.

    Keep being special, my boy, and making people around you feel loved. Bonne Fete!

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