Wine Cork Photo Ornaments

Like I said before, when you move twice in one year, you are bound to lose a few things. We’ve searched high and low to find our Christmas ornaments, but to no avail. You never realize how much things like that mean to you until you find yourself shattering 11 out of 12 of the store-bought Christmas balls all over the floor. S-hooks my foot. I bet they grease them first in the S-hook factory so those slippery little suckers won’t stay fastened on the tree resulting in multiple store-bought Christmas ball runs. I MUST STOP THE S-HOOK INSANITY!!! So, today, I decided it was time to put on my Big-Girl-Christmas-Craft-Pants and get to work. We’ve got a season to celebrate and we cannot be hung up over missing ornaments and slippery S-hooks.

I have been staring at this pile of family photographs for weeks now.

Tree Photos

I’ve searched high and low for a photo ornament idea that didn’t involve gluing, framing, fabric photocopying, or stuffing into a glass ball strung up by a blessed S-hook. Most of these are original photographs and can therefore not suffer a hot glue casualty.

So what do you get when you combine these…

paper clips

With one of these?

wine corks

Wine Cork Photo Ornaments!!!

wedding ornament photo

Haha. Stick it to the S-hook man!

Here’s a question for you… Bow above the cork?

Wine cork photo ornament

Or bow around the cork?

Mom swing photo

Or bow on top of my head while I pop a cork?
{Image not available}.


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