Happy Valentine’s Day

Salem Valentine picture
I hope you are feeling the love around your house as much as we are feeling it around ours.

Salem went to school with these…
Salem Valentine
{Printable I Love You Munch Tags by Piggy in Polka Dots}
Teacher Appreciation gift
{Printable Measure Up Sweet Teacher tags by Capital B}
… and boy did he make out like a bandit today with all the candy and toys from his classmates. Mia didn’t waste any time picking her favorites.
Mia Valentine picture
As for Clark, I put together a bag of Valentines for him to open throughout the day. Each envelope contained a sweetheart note and a small gift. Just to give you an idea of how this has gone over, I timed it for him to open the first envelope during a breakfast meeting with one of his buddies. The card read, “If you really love me, you will wear this all day. And so you don’t feel too lonely, I’ve enclosed an extra one for you to give to the person sitting closest to you.”
Clark valentine pic
Dusty valentine
I can only imagine what the two of them looked like sitting across from each other at Einstein bagels talking about their jobs and their faith wearing these obnoxious hearts. When you stay home all day with a two year old, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with your inner prankster. Valentine’s Day was the perfect excuse!!
We will finish the day with new valentine pjs and red velvet pancakes for dinner. Then it is off to the mountains for a weekend retreat! I don’t know about you, but I am loving this day!!

What does Valentine’s Day look like at your house?!

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