Worlds Collide

I just had a conversation with my son.

I’ll say it again. I just had a back and forth, question and answer, observant and imaginative (yet within context) conversation with my son about the full moon on the way to school. It was still brilliant in the sky at 7am when he asked me if he could hold it. And then we saw the sunrise behind us and he broke into song about it. He asked, “Mommy, where is the Earth?” This is huge for an autistic child who was virtually stuck in a scripted world just months ago.

It lasted all of about 8 minutes, but here I am in the school parking lot crying my eyes out because in those short moments, Salem and I actually connected, and my whole world just got made.

I simply had to share it.

It is a very Good Friday indeed!


Easter Parade


Do you have any plans for Easter weekend? Clark is going to be playing out for most of the time which means that the kids and I will be watching Easter Parade more than once. In addition, I have planned an entirely Paleo dinner for Easter Sunday. With any luck, I will post my recipe successes next week unless disaster strikes and we end up ordering Chinese take-out. It has happened before folks.

I have just one question… Easter hats. Judy pulled them off as a grown woman, so why is it that you rarely see someone beyond the age of 6 wearing an Easter hat? I think they are so glamourous! I wish they would make a comeback.


I also wish I could dance with Fred Astaire.

Hat or no hat, Fred or no Fred… I hope that you and your family enjoy a very Happy Easter!

Springtime in Jerusalem

Springtime in Jerusalem

Some friends of ours just returned from Israel. I have been living vicariously through their stories as I have never been to that part of the world. While Clark and I were on a date last weekend, and he told me that he wants to go… soon… as in next year… as in while our children are still small… as in I couldn’t swallow my salsa just thinking about traveling that far away from them and that close to more hostile neighboring territory. I told him I would think about it, and wouldn’t you know, I’m up at 6am wondering what Israel looks like in the Spring.

Have you ever been to Israel? Would you ever go?

{Springtime in Jerusalem image by Uschi Koethe}

Jimmy Fallon Impressing Young Minds

Speaking of Snow Day adventures, did you know that Jimmy Fallon wrote a children’s book?

9780525474562_p2_v1_s600I picked it up at the library the other day, and I could almost hear his voice narrating as I read it.

Confession: I stayed up waaayyyy too late last night watching Timberweek with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. Have you heard Justin Timberlake’s new record? In the words of my husband, it is “Greasy”.
{According to the Musician’s Dictionary that means… the. grooves. will. set. you. free.}

Snowball Fight!= Happy Kiddo.
Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience= Happy Mama.

It’s entertainment for the whole family!

Wild Hair on Holy Week

I’ve been collecting Easter activity ideas for the kids over the last several weeks. The Resurrection Eggs have been a smashing success. Unfortunately, when Mia says the word, “Resurrection”, it comes out sounding more like a function of the male anatomy rather than the centerpiece of the Christian faith.

Needless to say, I was scouring Pinterest this morning looking for more Easter-themed activities for toddlers when when a small voice came from the front of the house that said, “Mommy, look at this snowy!” Sure enough I looked outside and it was snowing. With our hair still wet from our morning bath, we yanked on our hats and boots and went outside to play in the snow.


In her oversized hooded raincoat, Mia looked more like she was applying for early admission to Hogwarts, and I can only imagine what the neighbors thought of her running down the street clutching an olive wood statue of Mary and Joseph yelling something about a scary monster. But it is this kind of spontaneity that usually ends up meaning more to me than the most well prepared and executed kids craft project.

This morning’s adventure may not top the Pinterest charts, but so far this unplanned activity has been my favorite memory of Holy Week so far.


Do you have any special un-plans this Easter?

Sasquatch Feet

A dear friend came to visit me from Mississippi a few weekends ago and treated me to a pedicure. As a runner, I am brutal on my feet and embarrassingly enough, I haven’t taken a foot scrub or a pumice stone to either of them since Bush was in office. I can only imagine what the nail techs were whispering to themselves about my feet. Anyway, now that sandal season is almost here, I am even more happy every time I look down and see this color on my toes….
OPI South Beach{OPI Overexposed in South Beach}
You didn’t actually think that I was going to post a picture of my own toes, did you? To me, feet are about as personal as a fake set of teeth. If you have them, that’s fine, we are all grateful, but I don’t need to see them up close. And the only reason I allow the nail techs anywhere near my own is because I am partially deaf and unable translate phrase “Sasquatch Feet” In Vietnamese.
What are some of your favorite nail colors for Spring?

God’s Caterer

The gala gown vote was nearly unanimous! Thanks for helping me to decide.

{Left: Senior Homecoming 1998 // Right: Safehouse Outreach Urban Gala 2013}
Girls, hang on to those gowns. You never {and I mean never} know when one might come in handy.

My car is in the shop, so I took Clark’s car {during the Friday Rush Hour Exodus} downtown for the event at the Georgia Aquarium. He drives a ’98 Honda Prelude. Not only did I feel like a teenager driving it, but I was sporting a gown that I wore when I was a teenager… On top of which, he was playing with the Smalltown Poets— a band I used to listen to in college… On top of which, the fundraising event was for an urban ministry that I used to serve as an intern in my early twenties. It was a bit Twilight Zone-ish. I’m not going to lie. And yet, I don’t know what I was more excited about– the food or my hair. We’ll start with the hair.


With the help of this hair tutorial, I was able to make sense of my unwashed mane. Formal hair works better anyway when it hasn’t seen the shampoo bottle in a couple of days, right? I like that I can get away with this style for a dressy event, and yet it still looks so laid back {even if I am not}. I’m glad I “dressed it down” a bit. There were literally people there in blue jeans and sneakers. And I was married to one of them! But he’s with the band, so gala attire doesn’t technically apply to him.

photo-47I am convinced that Wolfgang Puck is God’s caterer. Everyone around our table ate in complete silence. The meal was so delectable, none of us wanted to spoil the moment with words. It was a symphony of chews and moans in between suicide drills back and forth to the buffet. As refined as we were supposed to be all dressed in our party best, we were the Tributes from District 1 when it came to the last spoon of pot roast. We managed to escape with our limbs still in tact which is more than I can say for our waistlines.

Thanks again for all the votes and comments. Picking out gowns with you is way more fun than doing it on my own. But, I am afraid when it comes to Wolfgang Puck’s, it’s every man for himself.

May the odds be ever in your favor. Happy Monday!

What Would Lady Grantham Do?

Peter Hall Superior Dinner Party
What are you doing this weekend? Clark and I are going to the Safehouse Urban Gala at the Georgia Aquarium on Friday night. He will be the one with a guitar strapped to him, and I will be the one wearing a gown because as we’ve clearly established, there is a difference between a dress and a gown.


I haven’t worn a gown since high school {aside from my wedding gown, and I’m certainly not wearing that to the aquarium}. One of the gowns that is in the running for tomorrow night actually is a gown that I wore in high school. That’s fifteen years ago… just short of qualifying as “vintage”, I believe. Oh, what the heck, I can’t help it. I wasn’t going to do this, but since I am having a hard time deciding which dr–gown to wear, I ought to get some second opinions. {Come on Salina, DO it. It will be fun.} On one condition… If you knew me circa 1998 {give or take a few pounds  years, you absolutely can’t spoil it for everyone by commenting on which dress is the “vintage-ish” one. Ha!

I took these pics this afternoon when I had just woken up from a nap and sent them to my bestie in New Orleans. She knew me back when I wore the high school gown {and years before that when I wore slouch socks and listened to NKOTB, and she is still my friend}. When I asked another dear friend, she said, “Just do what Lady Grantham would do?” Have I mentioned that I love my friends?

Which one do you like best?

Urban gala gown 3

This one? Or…

Urban gala gown 4

… this one?

{Gosh, can florescent lights be any more unforgiving? Spring project #648… new closet lighting for crying out loud.} If you can get past the florescents {and the bed head}, would you mind choosing a favorite?

Have a wonderful weekend. Better yet, in the words of Lady Grantham…
“What is a weekend?”

{Top photo: Superior Dining Party by Peter Hall}

Spring is in the Air

If yesterday was the first day of Spring, then today officially marks the first day of Spring cleaning. I follow a relatively consistent cleaning schedule  however, I have been feeling the need to schluff {is that a word?} off the excess moving into the new season. For instance, when I put on my Purge Lens today, I realized that I own two electric juicers. Ask me the last time I drank juice that comes already squeezed and out of a bottle, much less the last time I crammed a whole mango into a small kitchen appliance. Therefore, it is getting schluffed. Removing the unnecessary bulky stuff is easy. Vacuuming the coils in the refrigerator however is another matter entirely. Spring Cleaning with small children around is about as effective as sorting papers with the fan blowing. So, I think I might have to fake everybody out by putting some Spring scents around the house and going back to hiding the dirt, yes? Small children or not, I know I can handle this homemade Spring scent.


A little lemon, some rosemary, and vanilla on the stove… sounds blissful. What are some of your favorite scents this time of year?

{Image via Morgan Moore}

Everything is Copy

I stayed up way past my bedtime last night nearly moved to tears as I read a recent New York Times article entitled Nora Ephron’s Final Act. It was written by her son Jacob Bernstein– a reflection of her life, her work, and her final years battling with cancer. He describes that she lived her life according to the belief that “Everything is copy… so take notes”. As a writer, this gives me fresh inspiration to put things in black and white for all those who, like me, need help to see the blurry scenes of life a bit more clearly. Thank you, Jacob. And of course, thank you, Nora.

NYmag Nora Ephron

“Writing has the power to turn the bad things that happen to you into art”
Jacob Bernstein

{Image by Hilary Mchone via}

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