Spring is in the Air

If yesterday was the first day of Spring, then today officially marks the first day of Spring cleaning. I follow a relatively consistent cleaning schedule  however, I have been feeling the need to schluff {is that a word?} off the excess moving into the new season. For instance, when I put on my Purge Lens today, I realized that I own two electric juicers. Ask me the last time I drank juice that comes already squeezed and out of a bottle, much less the last time I crammed a whole mango into a small kitchen appliance. Therefore, it is getting schluffed. Removing the unnecessary bulky stuff is easy. Vacuuming the coils in the refrigerator however is another matter entirely. Spring Cleaning with small children around is about as effective as sorting papers with the fan blowing. So, I think I might have to fake everybody out by putting some Spring scents around the house and going back to hiding the dirt, yes? Small children or not, I know I can handle this homemade Spring scent.


A little lemon, some rosemary, and vanilla on the stove… sounds blissful. What are some of your favorite scents this time of year?

{Image via Morgan Moore}


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