What Do Your Dreams Say About You?


I am completely overwhelmed by the encouragement and support that flooded my phone, email, and comments after yesterday’s moving post. It helps tremendously to hear your “hang in there”{s}. Moving is not the end of the world, but have you ever felt like you simply do not have what it takes to carry out the task at hand? This feels like one of those dreams where you are being chased by a psyche ward patient waving a spork down the interstate and you are trying to run away but you have shake weights strapped to your ankles and you can’t escape. {You’ve never had that dream?}

Speaking of dreams… do you believe in dream interpretation? According to the Dream Mood Dictionary, our most bizarre dreams can reveal things about ourselves we may have otherwise ignored. For instance, “chase dreams” stem from feelings of anxiety in your waking life.

{Gosh, you think?}

What is the most bizarre dream you have ever had?

{Image via push-pins tumblr}


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