Road Trip Ent.

Couple taking a road trip in vintage car.

We are on the road! I wish I could say we were headed for an exotic weekend getaway, but the reality is, we are headed to Macon, Ga. No offense to Macon-ators, but the most exciting thing I have found there is the drive-thru Starbucks that still serves Berry Blossom White tea. BTW, That needs to make a come-back in all S’bucks everywhere, don’t you think? {Any To Do #394: Send BBW tea request to Howard Schultz.}

And use fewer abbr. in LLB posts apparently. J/K

Salem has his three month appointment with the Autism specialist, and since he won’t let me sing in the car {or anywhere for that matter}, I have plenty of podcasts on deck… everything from the latest New Yorker: Fiction reading {when I’m alone, I like to practice my Deborah Treisman impersonation} to a recent interview with the ultimate party planner, David Stark. Did you know there is actually a podcast called Stuff You Should Know? It sounded just weird enough for me to listen to and last week, wouldn’t you know, I learned something I never knew that I should have known… thus a podcast aptly named. What sort of entertainment do you like to bring on road trips?

Have a great weekend!
CYA Mon.!

{Image via Sorority Sugar}


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