Mother’s Day Memories

Every time a special occasion rolls around, Clark asks me what I want as a gift, and I never have a great answer. Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I can say with all certainty, this is what I want…

LA Home silhouette

The chairs are completely rad too, but I am especially loving the bright contrast of the framed silhouettes against the white walls in this L.A. home. I have always wanted to create silhouette portraits of the kids to remember their little baby profiles. A few years ago, it took me nearly an hour of Curious George episodes to get these pictures.

Mia profile

Salem profile

With a little help from someone who knows photoshop way better than myself, we were able to create these silhouette templates:

mia side b

salem side b

For Heaven’s sake, their chins… I can’t get enough.
I think it is high time these babies made in on the wall don’t you think?

{Clark, if you are reading this, I want them in gray and yellow and big enough to hang in the meditation suite, K? K. I love you.}

PS. A silhouette gallery wall and a DIY tutorial

{Image via Bonnie Tsang}


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