Places I’ve Been: Newport Beach, California


I have so very few claims to fame, so would you allow me oh just this one?

So there I was in Newport Beach, California minding my own business taking in the sights of Balboa Island from the back of a touring van when all of a sudden, the van stops, the sliding door opens and in pops…

Natasha Bedingfield?

Everyone else in the van carries on as though picking up pop singer-hitchhikers happens every day, so I played it cool, careful to not accidentally start humming Unwritten or anything that sounds remotely like it.

We proceeded to have dinner at the nearest Houston’s where we sat elbow to elbow enjoying our sashimi tuna and gabbing about one of her new song ideas… something about “I wanna have your babies….I see them springing up like daisies”. I thought it was sort of silly {which just goes to show you why she is Natasha Bedingfield and I am not}. Nevertheless, we enjoyed great food, great fun, a few laughs, and then she asked if I would ever consider being a background dancer for an upcoming music video.

Ok, I made that last part up, but the tuna and the touring van part is totally true and verifiable by my marital counterpart. I thought we had the makings of being besties, but nay. She never phoned.

Oh well. We’ll always have Balboa Island.

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