Bridal Poll

blurry wedding

New York Magazine recently conducted an interesting bridal poll which got me thinking of the parts of my own wedding that are most memorable. Before Clark and I got married, we had so many couples tell us that they barely remember their own wedding day. “It’s all a blur”, they would say. We got married so fast {and with little to no money, I might add}, so there wasn’t much time for us to mull over choices like seating charts, flowers, or cake frosting flavor. Six weeks before our wedding date, I had a dress and a groom. That’s it. Not one invitation, brides maid, or place card… we didn’t even have a location! I was so stressed out at the thought of planning an event for 75+ people to come see my dress and my groom, that I was paralyzed with anxiety.

So we pulled the plug.

We invited our parents, grandparents, and a few lifelong friends to the mountains for three days where we ate, and hiked, and talked, and exchanged memories. By the morning of day three, we had drank in our loved ones so much that when it was time for us to take our vows, it was as if we were the only two people on the mountain– full and present, relaxed and undistracted, and not the least bit “blurry”. My only regret is that we didn’t pull the plug sooner!

What part of your wedding is the most memorable?

{Image via Nate & Jaclyn}

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