Happy Holiday Weekend!

Balboa Island

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend? The pool opens {yeah!}. Figure we better use it while we still live in this ‘hood. {Hopefully, I will have an update on how Beasley House Hunters: Powder Springs is going for you soon– Lord, please let it be soon}. I figure a dip in the pool with dozens of my closest friends and neighbors will be just what I need after a 10-mile trail race on Saturday morning. I have never run a trail race before, and after all of this rain, the race report is that a section of the trail is actually UNDER WATER. The good news is that I’ve never heard of anyone drowning in a trail race before. Wish me luck!

And now for some random inspiration…

Emily Henderson’s senior citizen studio Before and After

Fun photo app for wedding guests…

My kids’ favorite book right now…

Before you judge Angelina

Not your everyday vacation spots

Some friends of mine were on Leno {38:00-ish}!

What Beyonce and Queen Elizabeth have in common

My first half-marathon

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

{Image via urbandorothy’s instagram}


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