Places I’ve Been: West Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach

It occurred to me two nights ago while I was lying awake at 4am, that I have not lived at one address for longer than 3 years. That can be either depressing or exciting depending on how you look at it. My Moving Career began far before I can even remember, but the only time it didn’t bother me was during my stay in West Palm Beach. I lived at half a dozen addresses during my four years at college there, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was passing through. Life was simpler– my greatest woe was making it to the cafeteria before they stopped serving breakfast on a Saturday. And now that I find myself searching for yet another address, I could use a dose of simplicity to see me through the days ahead.

I could also use a week at the beach! T-12 days and counting!

{Image via MississippiMrs Pinterest page}


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