Tune Into Tina


I finally joined Audible! Per early birthday gift request, Clark happily subscribed for us to download two audio books a month. We made our selections before we boarded the van for a 6 1/2 turned 9 hour drive home yesterday. He downloaded Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell {which I plan to read/listen too}, and I chose Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Have you read it? Be warned: this book is not for those without a sense of humor. I was laughing so hard at randomly inappropriate moments, that Clark was forced to audio bookmark Gladwell and tune into Tina with me. By the time we pulled into Atlanta, we were both in hysterical tears half way through the audio book.

It was a tender marital moment.

It’s Monday morning, and Operation: Pack Attack will officially launch in T-2 hours. Salem is off to his first day of summer camp, and Mia is going out on the town with my Mom and Sister. Fortunately, I have Tina to keep me company while I box up the Master closet.

What are you reading/ listening to these days?

PS. I’m thinking of downloading this title next


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