App Store Freebies


How does one unwind after a long day of packing? Raid the App Store freebies of course.

In honor of the App Store’s graduation to Kindergarten, Apple has marked down some of their most popular apps. Here’s a few I scored last night:

Gabi— social media
Typesetter— photography {for those like me who are graphically-impared}. I played with this app at 5am this morning and this is what I came up with…

Typesetter test image

Impressed? Don’t be. This is now my 3rd ice cream reference in a week. It’s bad, folks.

Mechanical Pomodoro— productivity
Barefoot Atlas— to satisfy my son’s obsession with all things maps.

And here’s a few more that looked interesting but I didn’t have enough memory space…

How to Cook Everythingobviously for those interested in pursuing paragliding
The CIA World Factbook— for tracking Edward Snowden
23,000 Great Quotes— for more impressive status updates
Groceries— for groceries

Run… hurry… hit up the App Store while they’re still feeling generous. Comment back here with your favorite downloads.


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